Arrival by car

Mikkeli is easy to reach via Highway 5 from the direction of Helsinki, Lahti and Kuopio. From the direction of Jyväskylä as well as Kouvola and Lappeenranta, the road is Highway 13.

The parking for fair visitors is located in a separate area in Vuolingonkatu Street in Tusku, roughly 15 minutes from the fair area. There is free non-stop bus transport from the parking area to the fair and back again. The trip takes approximately 15 minutes, and local guides offer current information on the day at the fair as well as other events in the city along the way.

The address of the parking area on a navigation system is “Vuolingonkatu” (no number added). The parking fee is €10–€10.50 depending on where it is paid. You can purchase a parking ticket in advance at the Housing Fair ticket service or at the fair ticket sales. If purchased at the parking area, the parking ticket costs €15; you cannot exit the parking area without paying the parking fee.

There is additional parking control around the fair area, and there are no stretches of road where a car could be easily parked for free.

To the Mikkeli city centre by train or bus – to the fair area with a fair bus

The Mikkeli Travel Centre is located in the city centre, at a distance of approximately 200 metres on foot from the Mikkeli market place. A free and direct fair bus to the fair area departs from the corner of the market square. The trip from the market square takes approximately 5 minutes.

The Mikke train that takes you to the Mikkelipuisto Park roughly one kilometre away also departs from the corner of the market square. The park is located about halfway between the Mikkeli city centre and the fair area. In addition to model gardens, the park has a small summer café, an enchanting shop, several playgrounds, and a rowing boat available for rent, as well as SUP boards. The ridge area behind the park has one of the finest beaches in the Mikkeli area with a diving tower. The Mikkelipuisto Park is at a short walking distance from the fair area, a bit over one kilometre.

Fair boat 

The fair boat operates between the Mikkeli harbour and the fair area. The trip takes approximately a half an hour.

The fair harbour is located near the entrance gate, roughly 500 metres away, in the shore area south of the Kirkonvarkaudensilta Bridge. The boat stops at Kenkävero four times a day, and from Wednesday to Saturday, also on the evening cruise. Print out a schedule – cruise schedule